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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing a complete support system to enable one to grow healthily through different stages of career development.

For college/graduate students and young professionals, we offer a platform where they can share experiences, grow their network and receive mentorship. For high school students, they will learn the 12 life changing capabilities through CCE classes.

I FLY YOUNG Webinar Series:


Guide for Life: 12 Life-Changing Capabilities

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Date/Time: September 27 (Sun.), 2-2:30 PM PDT

The panel of speakers are: Angela (10th grade, Mission San Jose High), Matthew (10th grade, American High), and 4 Irvington High students: Sunny (11th), Helen (10th), Sandee (9th) and Eric (9th) are together in the CCE (Communication and Career Exploration) Prime class. They have been working with each other to develop more positive ways of thinking, how to communicate effectively, and useful habits that’ll help with their career exploration as well as college major selection. Through this panel discussion, they would like to share some lessons they have learned and hope to answer some questions from fellow high school students and parents.

Audience: High-School Students, Parents, Educators, and Youth Leaders

CCE Class:

About CCE Class: Through these classes, high school students will learn the 12 life changing capabilities, how to receive and provide constructive feedback, various academic disciplines they can pursue in college and how to explore their careers.

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Coach: Mr. Shengming Shan, who has more than 25 years of management experience in world renowned semiconductor companies. He is also a passionate leader who wants to challenge and release the full potential of the next generation. Before founding the CCE class for high school students in 2016, he has been mentoring career professionals for many years.

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CCE Community:

About CCE PRO Platform: A community built for college/graduate students and young professionals, where everyone can get education, networking, mentorship, and grow healthily through giving and receiving.

For Young Professionals: Did you know that a mentor can help set your career trajectory? Do you know how to find the right one(s)? Did you know that you can grow by being mentors to college and high school students? Do you know how valuable your experiences are for them?

For College Students: Did you know that the wisest person of all learns from other‘s successes? Do you know how much you can grow by learning from the young professionals, and at the same time helping out high school students?

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